This website showcases a yearlong research project conducted by Hope College Mellon Scholars.

Our data set is the American Anti-Slavery Almanac from the New York Public Library digital collections. On the NYPL website (which is free and accessible to the public) they describe it by stating “This digital compilation was developed in support of the NYPL website, “The African American Migration Experience,” a sweeping 500-year historical narrative from the transatlantic slave trade to the Western migration, the colonization movement, the Great Migration, and the contemporary immigration of Caribbeans, Haitians, and sub-Saharan Africans”.

As for the data itself, the American Anti-Slavery Almanac is a collection of Abolitionist pamphlets published in Boston between 1836-1844 compiled into one almanac.

The physical almanac is located at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division.

You can access the online American Anti-Slavery Almanac here.

Our research on the Anti-Slavery Almanac is driven primarily by questions regarding attitudes toward slavery and abolitionism along lines of gender, religion, and geographical location. To take a closer look at our research, explore the “Portfolio” tab or click here.

This research is proudly funded by the Andrew J. Mellon Foundation through the Hope College Mellon Scholars Program. For more information on this program and other research by Mellon Scholars, click here.